2009 February 5, 2009

Noni Juice

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The highlight of the Tahitian cuisine is famous worldwide for its beneficial properties of the noni juice.

The juice is made from the fruit of the noni tree, however, is healing well and the leaves and seeds of the fruit.

For hundreds of years the people of the islands of French Polynesia have used noni juice and fruit as a major component of their diet. The islanders believe that this is why their average life expectancy is much more European, and they are tougher and stronger. And indeed, the inhabitants of the island of Tahiti is really very rarely get sick, their skin is different health hair - an enviable density, and eyes - sharp vision. Certainly, the Tahitians owe this excellent climate, good ecology, amazing nature, as well as juice, seeds and leaves of the noni tree.

In 1955, during his research trip to Tahiti Dr. Ralph Heinicke studying noni and finds in it a unique blend of beneficial ingredients: minerals, beneficial trace elements, vitamins and aminoksiloty. All this allows him to draw a conclusion about the benefits of drinking noni food.

Studies of modern scholars argue that the regular consumption of noni juice:

  • normalizes zhuludochno - intestinal tract
  • regulates the endocrine system
  • It strengthens the immune system and helps treat inflammation
  • It helps with severe headaches or menstrual pain
  • It helps treat depression and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • restores muscle activity
  • promotes regeneration of cells and tissues

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