2009 February 18, 2009

Flower Festival

Drowning in flowers - the dream of every woman who is quite capable of true. Lovely warm weather, fresh fruit, clear blue lagoons - all in December, of course, in Tahiti.

December we associate with the new year, snow, presents, the inhabitants of the Tahiti - December - a month when held a grand festival of colors. The main hero of this magnificent festival is a symbol of Tahiti - Tiare flower.

Tiare flower is considered sacred, beloved gods. And hundreds of thousands of small fragrant white stars decorate homes, hotels, shops and other buildings of the island.

The holiday is a flower arranging competition in which anyone can take part in one of two nominations, the first of which - a small color composition, and secondly also participate only flowerbeds area over 50 square meters.

The history of the holiday.

The first festival was held in honor of the women of Tahiti's independence and was timed to the opening of the first nurseries. Since 1984 Tahitian feminists began to spend a holiday every year, however, the island, living off tourists, it went only benefit.

The symbolism of the flower Tiare.

If you arrive in Tahiti, you will see that there are Tiare all men and women. However, it is worth to note that the male part of the islanders is tight behind the ear bud, symbolizing the power and brutality, women are exclusively unbuttoned same flower as a symbol of femininity and tenderness.

But this whole thing does not end there. It is necessary to know which ear wearing flower, as it says about your marital status. For example, if you wear a flower behind the right ear - it says that you are lonely and ready for dating and romantic encounters, and if behind the left - it will say that you have already found the half and attempted manifestations undue attention to you inappropriate.

Tiare in the perfume industry.

Tiare is often used when creating the perfume. Chief Tahitian flower enters the basis of such famous perfumes as Amor Amor Tentation by Cacharel, MAXMARA LE PARFUM, Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder, M by Mariah Carey Gold Deluxe Edition and many, many others.

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