2008 December 19, 2008

Somerset Maugham about Tahiti

Only once in his life given mortal experience the feeling that he swam in the golden realm of fantasy - when his eyes opened the coast of Tahiti. You see even the neighboring island of Moorea, stone miracle mysteriously uplifting among aquatic desert. With its jagged outlines exactly he Montserrat Pacific, and you start to think that there Polynesian knights accomplishes strange rituals, guarding the secret unkind. The beauty of this island is revealed as you approach it, when they become clearly visible delightful breaks its vertices, but he carefully keeps his secret, and once you catch up with him, the whole as it shrinks, isolated in the rocky, impregnable severity. And if he had disappeared, as long as you are looking for a passage between the reefs, and stretched in front of you if only blue desert of the ocean, and this does not seem to be surprising.

Tahiti - high green island, with a dark green stripes, in which you guess the silent valley; in their dark depths of the mysterious murmuring and splashing icy currents, and feel that life in these shady dolah from time immemorial, it was on the same immemorial ways. In this sense there is sadness and fear. But this is only a glimpse
It intensifies the joy of minutes. So for a moment, the sadness in his eyes glide across the joker that funny fellow diners laugh till you drop his jokes - his mouth smiles, jokes are fun, but it is also intolerable loneliness. Tahiti is smiling, welcoming you; this island - as a charming woman who lavishes its charm and beauty, and there is nothing in the world
dearer harbor of Papeete. Schooner anchored at the pier, shining purity, the town that stretches along the bay, and white outfit, and tamarinds, raging under the blue sky, violently, like a cry of passion. It captures the spirit of how they are sensual in their shameless frenzy. To meet the ship at the pier pours cheerful, cheerful crowd; she roars, rejoices gestures. This sea of ​​brown faces. Similarly, all the colors of the rainbow are worried and swaying under the azure, shining stars. Turmoil desperate all the time - while unloading luggage at customs control, and it seems that everyone is smiling to you. The sun bakes unbearable. The diversity dazzles.

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