2008 September 13, 2008

Black Pearl Museum

Black Pearl Museum

Tahiti - a world-famous resort Museum Black Pearl "Mus? E de la Perle».

Tahiti black pearls - it's much more than just a jewel, its history is shrouded in mystery, the discovery and its impact on human life are complex whole legend.

The idea to create such a unique museum of its kind owned by Robert Wan. He was able to successfully collect ancient and modern written and photographic documents related to the history of mining and processing of black pearls. Today Robert Van - the largest manufacturer and exporter of black pearls in the world.

It will tell you how to choose pearls, tell about the unique properties of the Black Pearl, will show masterpieces of the jeweler's art and, of course, offered to become the proud owner of these precious jewelry creations.

In just one hour tour of even the most poorly informed visitor you turned into quite a qualified expert.

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