2008 September 25, 2008


Author: heljga

Tahiti - a unique holiday destination, unique you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The warm climate, clear azure lagoons, amazing fruit plantations, a variety of entertainment. Here you will be able to touch the amazing Tahitian culture of the people, to participate in traditional ceremonies, as well as to live in a bungalow with a transparent bottom, feed the sharks during the boat ride, diving, or simply lie down on the soft warm sand under a soft whisper of the ocean breeze.

In Tahiti you can visit one of the most unique museums in the world - black pearl museum , the artist Van Gogh, as well as the National Museum of Tahiti.

Tahitian cuisine , national holidays, customs and traditions, the hospitality of the local population - all this will win you over and leave a good impression of this paradise Tahiti.

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